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March 25, 2014

Boondi Laddu

Laddu is a traditional south Indian dessert mainly prepared on major  occasions like marriages  or festivals. This is my favorite of all sweets and my mommy makes them just perfect . So, I learned the recipe and they  turned out to be  a delight to taste buds .
 These laddus last for 3 to 4 weeks  (if you really spare them ) in a  air tight container at room temperature .


Besan Or gram flour 2 cups
Sugar 3 1/2 cup
Cardamon pods 5 to 6
Cashews few crushed
Raisins  few
Ghee two table spoons
Oil for deep Frying
Some cherries for garnish

Utensils for Making Boondi:
One large sieve ladle
One small sieve ladle
One medium sized  ladle /dish (I have used dish )

Cooking time & Calories :
Preparing Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 Minutes
Calories : 250 per laddu (small )

Step 1: Sift  two cups of gram flour in a large bowl .

Step 2: Now add water to make it a thin / pouring  consistency  batter .

Step 3: Now take a deep pan add oil for deep frying. When the oil is ready and hot enough with out smoking take the large sieve pour batter with taken ladle / dish  and move  the dish / ladle in a circle pattern to make boondi.

Repeat the  step 3 until you finish the batter

Step 4: Take a skillet and two table spoons of ghee and fry cashews until they turn golden brown . Add the raisins and fried cashews to prepared boondi.

Step 5: Now add about a small glass of water to sugar and boil it until it reaches one string consistency .

Step 6: Take a blender add cardamom pods along with one table spoon of sugar and make it into a smooth powder , when the sugar syrup reaches the one string consistency add cardamom powder and give it a good stir .

Step 7: Now add the prepared boondi to the sugar syrup and let sit for about five minutes for the boondi to absorb the syrup.
Step 8: Start making laddus of your desired size and store them in a air tight container .

  • When preparing boondi  be sure that the flame is high enough while you pour the batter and then simmer the flame to low and let them cook in low flame .
  • For laddu the boondi should be very tender and not crispy , for one  serving it may not take more than 2 minutes depending your oil and pan size .
  • Add only a little glass of water while preparing syrup
  • First you need to make boondi and then start preparing sugar syrup , by this you can avoid the syrup getting cold or thick , which is not a desired aspect .
  • While you pour the batter be sure to move the ladle/ dish in a circular pattern  (this should be very quick )to avoid a lump formation. 
  • If any lumps are formed just mash them with your hand or a blender .
  • Start making laddus while the syrup is a little hot than lukewarm , other wise the sugar get crystallized. If you have problem in making a perfect shape apply ghee to both of your hands while making laddus.
  • Don't use any  water or milk while making the laddus , this may hinder their shelf life .
I have used this cup for measuring .

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