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April 02, 2014

Greeny Fusilli

This  healthy greeny fusilli , which got it's color naturally from spinach sauce ,is one dish which makes you carve for more (made with less oil and cheese but  with perfect taste ) . A perfect entree for any time meal . The bright green color even rejuvenates  your energy just by its sight .
Simple and handy ingredients that everyone's  must have's in their kitchen makes this dish more easy and  tasty.

Pasta with a splash of Parmesan Cheese

Pasta without cheese


 Twists/ Fusilli 1 cup cooked
Spinach Puree / Paste 1 cup
Onion Medium sized Finely Chopped + 1 small
Garlic pods 10
 Pepper Powder 1 table spoon
Olive Oil 2 table spoons
Parmesan Cheese  1/2 cup

Dry Spices :
Basil , Oregano, Parsley, Garlic 1 table spoon
Cooking Time & Calories :
Preparing Time : 20 Minutes
Cooking Time : 20 Minutes
Calories : 450 per serving

Procedure :
Step 1:Make a smooth puree of 2 cups of spinach along with 6 garlic pods , one small onion and a little of salt .
Step 2: Cook pasta in a deep pan with a teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt . Drain the water and wash the cooked pasta with hot and cold water consecutively . Let them sit to drip off all the water .
Step 3:Take a flat skillet add one table spoon of olive oil , when it is hot not smoking add chopped onions and remaining garlic pods .

Step 4: When the onions turn light brown color add the puree and let it cook until it looses the raw smell.
Step 5: Now add three table spoons of grated cheese (i grated it very finely such that it melts in a minute). Give it a stir and cook until the gravy gets the smooth texture
Step 6: Now add cooked fusilli , dry spices , pepper powder and adjust salt according to taste . Toss it carefully let cook for a minute and switch off the stove .Now  drizzle in some olive oil for smooth texture and toss. Serve hot with/ without  a splash of grated cheese

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  • You can add  olives or green bells for extra flavor and health.
  • Cook pasta atleast for 10 minutes to become tender , take care not making them mushy .
  • You can make it more inviting by adding white sauce while cooking .

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