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May 28, 2014

Healthy & Home Made Bleaching Packs

Your glowing face is the index of healthy skin . If you have a sensitive skin that reacts to chemical compositions in the cosmetics that you use regularly , you may develop some dark spots on your face as a side effect . They might be looking invincible but can erased with natural bleaching facial packs which are pure and healthy (cosmetic free ) , they not only make the dark spots to fade away but also in time makes your facial skin glow with healthy radiance .
Healthy skin has a glow and bounce too .
Let's check out some of the facial packs that suits to all types of skins including sensitive , which you can try and check out the results for yourself .
In order to make your skin healthy this process may take some time to rejuvenate your natural radiance , but the wait is worthy .

Orange Peel Powder Pack :
As we have discussed the benefits of this powder & how to make it , in my previous post

  Orange Peel Powder , refer to the post by clicking the link.

Soothing Aloe Vera Pack:

  •  Aloe Vera gel can also be applied to the face to get a soothing effect .
  • This even helps to lighten the tone of your skin and promotes spot free face with smooth and bouncy texture .
  • Apply aloe vera gel on your face and gently massage with your fingers in circular patterns for even application and absorption , leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water and gently dab with a smooth towel .
Super Toner Tomato Pack :

  • Mash a ripe tomato and pass it through a sieve to strain out the seeds. Add some curd to it and mix well.
  • Apply the pack on your face evenly and then leave it to dry. Then wash it off with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry.
  • Tomato is acidic in nature loaded with tons of vitamin C in it. It will help to fade off the marks on regular use.

Potato Facial Pack :

  • Grate a potato after peeling its skin. Now add some rose water to it and beat it to make a paste. You can add some drops of lemon juice or honey if you have oily or dry skin respectively.
  • Apply it on your face for at least 15 minutes and then wash away with water.
  • Potato has mild bleaching properties and regular use of this paste will reduce spots and lighten your skin.
Cooling Cucumber Pack :

  • Peel a cucumber and then grate it. Now squeeze it to take out its juice. 
  • Mix some aloevera gel in it and then apply this pack on your face.
  • Literally a cooling pack, this helps soothe the skin and also lighten it.
Refreshing Lemony pack :

  •   Lemon is also one of the best natural bleaching agents and you can skin results after the first use itself.
  • You can squeeze a lemon and apply its juice directly on the skin or even add other natural ingredients such as glycerine or honey or curd to make it slightly less acidic.
  • Use these packs weekly once to see results. Make sure you avoid the area around the eyes and do not go out in direct sunlight after applying these packs.
  • Follow it up with a good moisturising sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Go for organic produce to avoid any residues of pesticides which might hinder your skin.
  • If you cannot get any organic produce , you can wash and rinse the veggies or fruits with cold and luke warm water to wash away the residues .