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June 19, 2014

DIY: Swinging Napkin Holder

There may be many trendy decors  available  in the markets but something which pops out from waste is really worth and interesting . Waste management is even good for our environment.
Today I want share one wonderful handmade napkin holder , you can even use this as a multi purpose stand, its beauty stands in its swinging ..........

All you Need::
One carton (  I used cereal carton)
Two  contrast  and different  patterned papers  (I chose maroon and beige  , two different colors will make it more exiting )
One box like carton, small to medium sized (I used Dove soap Box )
Three different colored kundans or  kundan diamonds or beads or colors or pearls according to your taste
One glue and scissors

Optional ::
One stencil ( I drew with free hand)

The key for the swinging is the  semi circular shape of the stand , you  may  opt any shape like melon piece , pumpkin , swan , bird, or a tomato any structure of your taste which is in semi circle .

  • First trace the shape with the stencil or with  free hand on taken card board . Cut it along the traced border , make one more trace and repeat the cutting to prepare the two sides of the holder.

  • Now select two contrast pattern papers of your choice and trace the pattern on them and cut along the traced border. 
  • Take the small box shaped carton and remove one side completely for a  opening, and glue the other ends without any loose contacts.
  • Now stick on the patterned papers  inside and outside the box  , you can play around the color combination . Let it sit to dry
  •  Now stick the cut patterned papers to the cardboard and let them dry. 

  • Decorate them with the beads or kundans or pearls or even with colors and then attach the two sides to the soap box such that the box hides in between them .
  • TADAAA!!!!!!! Your swinging card holder or napkin holder or a coin holder or a key holder  is ready 

  • The shape is very important for swinging , so be careful while tracing and cutting . 
  • The sizes of  both sides must match otherwise the holder may not swing or stand .
  • The sizes of the sides must be larger than the box, so that the box sits and hides in between them .
  • The size of the sides must be like the box is in air and not touching the ground 
I enclosed a video , it did not turn out that good but it gives you an idea how this holder swings .

Good Luck and play with your imagination.

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