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January 10, 2015

Canned Soups

  • Irrespective of age, all like soups , so prepare them at home to earn good health, they are the best  healthy  tummy fillers (irrespective of meals)  . But they are healthy when they are made fresh .  
  • Soups which we buy outside (Canned)  contain a lot of preservatives , sodium  ,MSG  which is the main reason for obesity  and other health problems. A considerable ratio of obese people are said to be taking canned soups ........... according to food researchers .
  • The vegetables or meat used is even not good as for giving the soup a longer shelf life the veggies should be grown in hybrid manner or an artificial preservative or storing method has to be implemented   (which are toxic )
  • Check all the ingredients carefully before buying any canned soup or food  ( Researchers say that MSG 's and many other preservatives are disguised in the name of other substances so check them for your and your family health)
Healthy Tips 
  • If you are a soup lover always store some stock or broth  (home made)  in your fridge for not more than 2 days  ,which reduces the time for soup preparation. 
  • Don't use extra creams or butter for topping or any fried bread  which may enhance taste but literally unhealthy .


  • Stock is  is technically what is made when you simmer vegetables, meat scraps, bones, and aromatics in order to extract their flavor. Raw stock isn't meant to be eaten on its own, but rather it gets used as a base to make other things like soups, braises, or risotto.
  • There's no salt (traditionally) or many other seasonings to boost the flavor in stock .
  • Broth, on the other hand, is something you can eat on its own! A technical definition for broth would be "seasoned stock." Now that the salt and other seasonings are added in, broth is tasty and satisfying.

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