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January 08, 2015

Chill Beating Foods in WInter

Chilling winters decrease your body metabolism making you lazy and some what chilly from inside i.e it decreases the body temperature when it is vital to maintain  .This is because in cold weathers your body tends to store the energy rather than spending it , hence the metabolic rate decreases.
This heat can be generated by either exercise or by some physical activity , or by infusion of some veggies in your diet .
So, try including  this heat producing foods which increase your metabolic rate and keep you warm this winter.

Protein Rich Foods : Try consuming more protein rich foods like fish , lentils , meat and eggs which play a vital role in energy gaining for your muscles with good fat .

HONEY : (Click to get  more info on honey and its benefits )
Honey is one of the effective food that warms the body . This helps to produce heat in body about 2.6  F , so, regular in take of honey helps to improve your body basal temperatures .

Ginger & Garlic: This super duo is not only one of the best taste enhancer but also one of the super foods which increases the rate of metabolism .
Both ginger & garlic contain thermogenic properties which  promotes good immune system, good digestion , high metabolic rate to maintain good body temperatures. For the most warming benefits, drink ginger tea three to four times a day. You can also take raw ginger slices, or add them to your soup or vegetables.

Carbohydrates :These play a vital role in increasing metabolic rate as they take more time to digest due to their complex structures and hence need more energy which means more metabolic rate. So , include foods like pasta , rice , lentils, or grains or breads  , semolina in your winter diet .

Oils & Fruits with Veggies : Vegetable fats like olive oil , peanut oil, coconut oil , avacado which contain fat in higher concentrations are good sources of energy to the cells during winter .
Fruits belonging to citrus family like orange, lemon,and fruits like kiwi and veggies like spinach , cauliflower, broccoli,cabbage,beets, carrots, onions helps to improve the intake of fiber and there by helps to absorb the nutrients, vitamins and salt to improve  digestive system which is dull in winter due to lack of sunlight .

Spices: Spices are well known for their heat generating capacity  by improving the digestive systems . So try to take spices like cinnamon, cumin, paprika ,nutmeg,mace etc.

Whole Grains: Whole oatmeal , millet or brown rice give immediate warmth that is necessary to the body .These complex carbohydrates are rich in magnesium and vitamin B which help the thyroid and adrenal glands better regulate the body's temperature during a time when they slow down from the colder weather.

Nuts & Seeds : Nuts  like walnuts, almonds, cashew, or peanuts  and sesame seeds contain high amount of fat which also provide your body with good cholesterol, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and fiber to regulate basal temperatures.

Hot Beverages and Soups :Hot beverages like coffee instantly improve the warmth. Hot soups are well known for winter evenings to maintain the body temperature.


  1. Hydrate your body even though you don't feel thirsty .
  2. If going out carry some cereal bars or nuts to replenish the energy to  outside weather.
  3. Keep a check to your intake of the above mentioned foods as they may sometimes produce over heat which is not desirable .
  4. Avoid foods which help to cool your body like cucumbers , melons , white rice , cold drinks or white bread 

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