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February 27, 2015

Tomato Stew (pulusu )

 Tomatoes and onions are a  must haves in my kitchen counter ,and this is a spicy splatter of this combination.
This is my mom's recipe which is delectable with its great texture .
A perfect side dish to rice, flavored rice, curries, roti, idli, dosa .
This is a basic base to many gravy curries too, so, if you like you can throw in some boiled potatoes, green peas or cauliflower  or boiled eggs or just tofu  .
Being a simple ingredient base gravy or stew it does take very less time to cook .

February 24, 2015

Buttermilk Stew / Dahi kadhi (Majjiga pulusu)

This traditional dish is not only a favorite to Punjabi people , but also to South Indians . Simple ingredients make it more delightful. 
It's taste varies depending upon the region , today I am sharing the  Andhra style khadi/ stew , without pakora (which is more traditional punjabi style) .
A perfect side dish with rice, roti, chapathi, poori, naan, flavored rice , idli, dosa .
As this is made with almost negligible oil ,  steamed veggies , dals and buttermilk  it's even a healthy complement to many  dishes .You can almost add any veggie to this stew to make it more tasty and mouth watering . 

February 19, 2015

Used Coffee Ground for Beauty

Love coffee!!!!!!
As I dump a lot of used coffee ground ,I considered of reusing it one day , then did a lot of research understood coffee not only stimulates your blood circulation when taken freshly brewed ,but also a boon to maintain plump and fresh looking beautiful skin when used as a scrub or as a mask  at no cost . Use these simple  and easy tricks to make your body look fab from hair to toe .

February 18, 2015

Shop Smart & Live Well

 As women we  are blessed with grace and beauty which we strive to maintain as age pass by . Some people rely on particular product for a different reason, may be its cheaper or it is  from a good brand or may have seen good results with it and so on.We never shop according to the price that product actually worth .
Just have a look  about these branded products and note their worth and why they are so popular.All these products are  winners in many beauty contests and proven are to be  efficient 

February 16, 2015

Stuffed Bell Peppers

When I clicked this picture I have no idea that this would turn out this amazing !!!!!! Then came a little rhyming poem into my mind

Red is a tomato
Red is a pepper
Red is a beet
Red is a radish

Orange is a carrot
Orange is an apricot
Orange is a pumpkin
Orange is a squash

Yellow is a lemon.
Yellow is potato.
Yellow is a corn,
Yellow is a bell pepper

Though my finished product lacked the color of it's origin , it tasted wonderful.

These stuffed bells can be served as in main course of meal or a side dish to any flavored rice or sambar or just as a appetizer . With this easy , gluten free , anti oxidant rich and less fat recipe you can enjoy all the flavors ........
The cooking time is even less than 30 minutes ,a yummy must haves especially when arranging a potluck .

February 14, 2015

Vegetable Dum Biryani in Oven With Onion Salan

Treat your taste buds with this yummy and restaurant style Dum Biryani prepared easily even without dum (slow cooking ).
I have cooked this recipe many times in oven and found out we can get the same taste and texture even without slow cooking and a lot of effort, especially when don't have a heavy bottomed pan , rice may burnt at the bottom .
So, for this valentine's day try this recipe and mesmerize everyone .
To make this more scrumptious serve with salan made with onions or mixed vegetables or tofu or paneer or chili (mirchi ) or meat

Happy Valentin's Day

Happy valentine's day to one and all ..........
Valentine's day is not just confined between two persons.........
Love is a small word that rules this vast world , but this could be in any relationship like mother , father, brother, sister, friend , lover, fiancee or partner . Love has no limitations to be cornered only between two persons , so , spread love everyone on  this valentine's day .

Give Love

Get Love

Take Love

Spread Love


February 12, 2015

Masala Dosa

Dosa is my all time favorite since my childhood . Not only me may be many of you love it , because of its crispy and puffy texture which is served with delicious chutneys or sambar.
Masala dosa is one good and easy dish that fills your tummy upto its brim. Making of masala dosa is very easy too. This restaurant style recipe leaves you in wonder why haven't you tried it in your kitchen long back  .
This version  I have listed here is , onion and garlic  free , some restaurants serve this in their menu  .  Onion version will be updated in next posts.