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May 05, 2015

DIY: Exploding Box

The name Exploding box is given because , it explodes or spreads to all directions just like a bouquet coming out from a magician's magical hat .The lid holds the sides or panels in place and when it is taken , the box explodes out into a card  .  This is one  simple , easy attractive way of expressing .A perfect gift  to your partner or a friend or to your parents  . 

Try this card for this  coming Mother's Day to surprise your mother  which depicts and embeds  all your beautiful moments you share with her . She must be thrilled to receive such a  thoughtful and valuable present . Not every gift can do that unless if it is a hand made with your creativity .

I have selected a simple shape like square which is very easy to construct (nothing can go wrong ) if crafted with  interest . You can check out some simple instructions or for free templates for different shapes on Internet .
Exploding box Free Templates  this is one sample link .

Using contrast matching  craft paper or card stock gives a vivid look to the card  .The construction itself is very simple and the grace stands with your unique memory collection of photos or poems or decorations

All you need ::

  1. Card Stock  
  2. Embellishments of your choice like buttons, stickers or glittering tape or photos or lace 
  3. Glue 
  4. Scissors 
  5. Ruler (for straight and exact measurements )
Here I have used three different colors , which helped to get a vibrant look,  when it popped, the layers are like pages of a book  , but with striking difference in colors and patterns.
You can add more number of pages or sides  inside , or you can  glue a doll ( be sure that the doll height measures much less or at least less  to your box height )  or  a craft cake / popping cake  according to occasion and the person you are gifting it . 

  • Select  card stock  colors and patterns which you have decided to be the sides or panels for the box .I have selected light leaf  green  colored paper with a simple pattern like squares to be the base of my box. 
  • Secondly I have selected blue and beige colors as inner sides or panels of inside boxes . In which , the  beige colored paper has a contrast colored  patterned circles , and a blue colored card stock with two different patterns like stars on one , and self pattern on the other 
  • Mark the dimensions according to the template measurements for the three (or more) layers  of papers  and cut accordingly , try to be accurate . Now glue the inner panels or card stocks onto the base paper 

  • For lid I chose golden yellow , which matches very vibrantly with green (any shade ) , again follow  the instructions accordingly with precision . 
  • Fold in the corners inside as if the edges supports one another , and glue accordingly

The box pops like this when opened 

  • The done lid after the glue has set , it should be sturdy, and ready to fit on to the card . 

  • Finally after both the card and lid are dried and set , embellish them accordingly . If you wish to add any doll or cake you can glue to the inner most paper at the base centre .

  • Follow the instructions from the selected , template (either hexagon or square ), you should be cautious with the measurements as they are very important for the box to close ,from all sides exactly at same height .
  • The lid measurements are even important to be fixed to the card and sit tight on top as if a box
  • The contrasting match is not necessarily , a criteria , you can opt even same colors for all the boxes ,with a different colored lid
  • The box when closed from all sides  with lid, when followed all  dimensions accurately must be sturdy just like a cubicle