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October 31, 2012


 Our immune system always combats with 'COLD & FLU' but unfortunately always fails leaving the most worse symptoms .You probably know that antibiotics ,which are highly effective at knocking out bacterial infections tend to useless towards 'COLD' and the FLU as these  are caused by virus.
We know  cold runs out from our immune system after 7  days with or without treatment , so many people live with sniffles , head aches and severe  nose congestion hoping it lasts in a week.
As this is the starting of Winter season  many of you may have got Cold already , so have a look over the remedies you can take to reduce the duration of your illness and even helps you to get relief . All these are natural ways to drive away the illness , hope you will note and be HEALTHY

*There is a myth that eating Oranges,grapes or any berries, clementines which contains vitamin C ,this may be applicable to vegetables also which contain considerable amounts of vitamin C , may trigger or may end up in increasing the symptoms but the fact is Vitamin C helps to fight the viruses causing cold and flu and it is even helpful for boosting immune system. 
*Here is something we don't expect .Eat some dark chocolate you will find some relief as it contains lots of Zinc .Zinc can reduce your dry throat and may even reduce the illness duration to half .This can be even found in Lamb , Oysters, dried watermelon seeds,roasted squash or pumpkin seeds, peanuts and Crab .

*Many of us skip the breakfast almost everyday , but here is the fact that people who take breakfast regularly develop an immune system that is more effective and  less  prone to Cold and Flu 

*You can try consuming any of given solutions  or potions below which really show a lot of impact on your cold 

1)Take a quarter of peeled grape fruit .put it in a pot, add water and heat  it just under boil , add a table spoon of honey and consume as a Tea .The fact is boiling grape releases immune boosters  into the water ,making it a healthy solution 

Grape Fruit
2)Take a table spoon of Ajwain seeds  ,1 table spoon of cumin seeds, a table spoon of Ginger root , some pepper and a piece of jaggery ,add water and boil it ,filter the concentrate and drink when it is lukewarm ,this will really help your congestion and sore throat

3)Consume hot or lukewarm milk added with pepper elachi and jaggery 

*One well known granny technique is to breathe in steam draping yourself forming a tent like covering to avoid the escape of the heat 

*Drink loads of water or juice or tea as your body will be dehydrating while the cold virus attack you .Water  not only hydrates your body but also flushes all the impurities stored that may prey on your immune system when it is weak

*Now a very easy tip is to gargle your sore throat with salt water ,be sure to take lukewarm water which helps you more

*One last tip is to add  1/8 teaspoon of ginger powder, 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon( as they  have an excellent  anti-inflammatory properties)  and a clove bud ( which is an antiseptic) to your tea while making it 

  •  Vitamin C is stored as Ascorbic acid in out body which helps to increase the level of Vitamin absorption 
  • Relax or take rest which helps you  ease of your feeling or symptoms ,sleeping helps to sooth better
  • Add some Turmeric Powder to the water while breathing in steam as turmeric helps to blow the congestion
  • Be optimistic about your body ability to heal and that really helps to heal much more easily
  • One ugly truth is that sometimes even our tooth brushes carry the bacteria as the bristles may have bacteria stored and when any gums gets an injury they are injected into our body and may be a source for your illness , so if you get sick replace your brush after you regain your health, this way you can avoid yourself from infections.Sometimes even throwing the brush when we are sick may decrease the track of the illness
  • There is a myth that consuming dairy products may increase the symptoms of COLD and Flu but it is not scientifically proven 
  • Add  a few drops of eucalyptus oil  into the hot water while breathing in steam to ease the congestion 
  • Grape fruits contains Vitamin C and Flavonoids (found in berries )
  • Don't add sugar while preparing any of the solutions for relief as sugar triggers the symptoms as a result your symptoms will become  adverse 

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