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October 24, 2012

OMG l am ON 'DIET"

You have been working so hard for months to shed weight, cleaned out your fridge, shelled out for new workout clothes, put an end to all prepared foods but where the heck are the weight loss results? 

The problem is, many of our most dearly held healthy eating rules are far too open to interpretation. Done wrong, that low-carb diet could backfire—or, worse, set you up for a heart attack. And you’re new, slimmed-down veggie-based meal plan? It might mean you're eating more calories than you were before.  

To bust the diet myths that is putting results out of your reach,here are sometips.

 Swearing off sweets:

  • You're eating a heaping plate of rice and veggies. Your friend's chowing down on chocolate cake...and yet you're the one struggling to lose weight?   
  • You can lose weight eating candy and soda, and gain weight eating brown rice and broccoli. 
  •  Obviously, I ain't recommending a candy-bar diet, not all calories are created equal.what we eat matters, bottom line, don’t give up hope , rice and veggies you can still make it, but make sure you eat a varied diet.
  • Swearing off certain foods only leads you to binge when you do indulge.

Going gluten-free "just because":

  • Gluten free is good for health, but cutting out gluten completely is not recommended as gluten free is not always a low calorie diet. 
  •   If you go complete gluten free u may be missing very vital nutrients found in whole grains such as fiber.
  • So trade your lunch or dinner with some whole wheat products rather than completely ignoring them by taking only protein salads.

Cutting out 'carbs' to speed up weight loss:

  • Cutting the carb intake may show you results in weight loss—but beware the long-term effects.

  • Low-carb is not maintainable. Research suggests it can lead to more weight loss in the first six months, but at one-year mark the results are the same as a more balanced approach.

  • So by all means cut out simple, refined carbs, like store-bought bread, crackers, and even white rice, opting instead for healthy grains that fill you up and digest more slowly, such as quinoa and brown rice in moderation

Eating too much fiber:

  • Fiber is helpful for digestion, but if you have a belief that in taking fiber makes you feel lighter, you are completely mistaken. Fiber will alone backfire your results.
    • You need to increase fluids when you increase fiber. If you don't, expect to feel even more backed up than you originally were, this may not translate to fat gain but ends up in bloating which is more adverse .
  • So help yourself from bloating by limiting your fiber intake but don’t cut it down completely.

Eating micro-portions all day long:
  • We are aware of the fact that eating at regular intervals all days actually feels like we are full enough ,but that fact is for fruits and vegetables .

  • If you eat these healthy fruits or vegetables which are waist friendly watching the calorie intake it is for good ,but if you are in taking a protein bar or energy bar or some snacks or chips, the effect is adverse as they are filled with sufficient energy and calories which can substitute an entire meal , plus the felling of empty stomach ,so in taking them at regular intervals all day is not suggested unless as an occasional snack

Snacking before and after workouts:
  • Many of you try hard to lose weight hitting gyms for 5 times a week and God knows how much hard you are working to lose the flab.

  • We shed sweat doing all the exercises with  lots of hope that we are going to shed fat ,the fact is going alone to gym will not shed calories ,it depends on your meal intake before and after your gym.

  • Avoid taking high calorie or rich protein food after going to gym instead consume some conservative or lean protein like almonds or protein shake (which has 200 calories)  as it is recommended to take protein after a workout.
  •   If you consume high calorie food or rich protein food all your effort shedding your calories is gone for nothing.

Eating too many low-fat foods:
  • Many of us pick low fat foods in the food aisle in any Food market as there is a myth that if it is low fat it is low calorie.
  • But unfortunately not all low fat foods are low in calorie so next time while your shopping be sure that you check the nutritional facts and the calorie intake chart provided so that you will have an idea of what you are consuming daily at your meal.

  Always going for the salad:
  • We hate to break it to you, but just because it's a salad don’t mean it's healthy. Portions still matter, as do the toppings you add—and most people add a lot.

  • People just pile high calorie cheese, potatoes, and tuna fish. Do you know that One ounce of shredded cheddar cheese, plus a half-ounce of sunflower seeds, plus one ounce of tuna, plus two tablespoons of ranch salad dressing is 431 calories which will nearly half of your calorie intake particularly if you are in diet .
  • So limit your toppings, pick some lean protein packed toppings rather than high calorie one (which generally taste better than low calorie toppings) like chick peas, salmon, vinegar as all does not pack unnecessary fat.

Note: Source- Yahoo Health


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