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November 14, 2012

Designer Kitchens are in trend now


             MODULAR KITCHEN                               

              Now a days everyone showing more interest on modular kitchens rather than conventional designs.This concept was introduced in the  era of world war II itself but now it came into lime light and people are really showing interest as it is coming in wide varieties and colours.The concept instantly gained success and today, there is significant number of households with modular kitchens all over the world.It also gives a fresh look to the styles of your houses.They are designed according to the size,length and breadth of the kitchen.

It contains all arrangements as of the conventional kitchens but the look itself changes according to the latest styles.
Accessories provided in the modular kitchen:
1. Dish Washer:  All types of dishwashers vary in sizes depending on the place setting and capacity of the dishwasher. There are also different wash and rinse cycle styles. 

2. Chimneys: A chimney is used to expel smoke from the kitchen.We have wide varieties of chimneys available in the market.
3. Ovens: you can buy great products like Convection Toaster Ovens, Slow Cookers, Microwaves, and Dinnerware. These items can make your days a lot easier
4. Pull out drawers (Units): These units are easily accessible while working in the kitchen and are used to store multiple things like food articles, utensils etc. These units are easy to maintain and it depends on the size of unit that how much you can store.
5. Cooking Range: It is one compact unit, which has multiple burners and makes kitchen clutter-free. It provides ease at work while cooking. 
6. Shutters: Shutters are in trend these days to easily place kitchen crockery in them. They are durable, reliable and are easy to install and maintain. 
7. Adjustable Shelves: The shelves have sliding drawers which are used for storing kitchen items. They are durable and within the reach of hands. The shelf has a handle through which we can open and close it easily.

1.The main advantage of modular kitchen is that you can easily carry your cabinets and modules in a box and fit in your place.
2. It is easy to clean and even you can repair any part of modular kitchen.
3. The kitchen provides clutter-free space to easily work in the area.  
4. Modular kitchen comes in such a variety of colors and designs that you will surely get one according to your taste. It gives you the choice to set your kitchen as per your wish.
5. It comes in a ready-to-install  form, which makes its installing extremely convenient.

 6. Modular kitchen has a fashionable look, which gives a great appeal to your interior decor.


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