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November 13, 2012

Light up Your House For this Diwali

It's Diwali !!! This is the festival we are anticipating  .Decorate your home with  bright divas and colorful rangoli .If you are throwing some get together this might help you
  • Show your energy with a  Toran like this
Colorful Beads- Door Hanging

  • Arrange your house with these beautiful candle holders which not only looks beautiful but also safe .If you are throwing party they are the best match reflecting your innovating ideas

 Damask Candle Stand : Candle Holders


  • Try to design some rangoli and decorate them with some flowers,candles and colors


  • Try this one on your coffee table
  • If you are bored with the traditional divas try this type of arrangement

Diwali Decoration Ideas

 A Beautiful Lamp : candle votives

  • Try new design with fruits and lights 

  • When you present gifts to your guests in your party show your appeal like presenting them with variety candle holders or  some authentic chants like Om and swastika  rather than boring and routine sweets


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