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November 01, 2012

Impressive but Inexpensive Treat

Managing a party is really a challenging task starting from invitations to winding up the things ,but in order to  leave your appeal is not difficult.All you need is to think a little creative to impress your guests .Being optimistic about your ability to manage the things and to enjoy the fun in your hard work really shows the difference in your effort and hence the outcome .So, why worries when you can leave your mark on your guests
  • Frame your ideas on a paper first about how to decorate and what items you need and buy them ,when you prepare these items on your own it will be more inexpensive than to buy them
  • Make sure to buy the items that are worth to the price you pay , because you may or may not use the same items when you throw a party again
  • When you want to decorate basing on a theme use your own innovations to the theme to make it more colorful and exciting like showing your theme with balloons  or flowers or papers
  • Create some crafts using some innovating ideas and I am pretty sure that you can blow your guests with your presentation ,these crafts need not be specific ,but most important is that they will trap the glances so obviously as you made them on your own 
         Check out these 

         You need not stick to any of the decorating items in the themes just try something interesting 
  • One easy tip is to buy some colorful craft papers and make loops all over the room with different patterns and colors  

  • One more simple task to decorate with tissue paper flowers,wreaths and flower vases 

  • Lighting really plays a vital role in a room , arrange some LED candles and some original candles all over your room, you can use some candle holder decors  too 
  • Prepare some custom yarn chandeliers with different colors and hang them in your party

  • Prepare your own treats for the guests and present them with pride , don't end up yourself tired with cooking try to be simple like prepare some starters ,desserts or any one of the entrees 

  • Arranging the food is also an important task don't forget it .SO, first arrange your table and cover it with a table skirt and place a candle stand or LED candles to elevate the arrangement and then arrange the food in a pattern .
  • Collect some pebbles and small rocks from your garden or river beds and arrange them in a pattern in your party ,its up to you to arrange them you can arrange them near candles or flower pots or coffee tables

  • Balloons really changes the appearance of your room,use different colors and shaped balloons for decoration.If you can be more creative try to prepare  a shape with your balloons like a arch or a valentine ,stars and so on. You can show of your theme even with balloons all alone 
  • If you are arranging a kids party you can attract them by preparing some custom gifts which reflect their favorite cartoons 

  • Reflect your theme with some of your memorable  photos  or by using some photo canvass 
  • Use silk ribbons at the entrance of your room and just twist them to give some beautiful look 

  • Use glass ware to reflect the lighting you used 
  • Arrange some carving like a chef or rose near the dishes to attract 
  • Place a container or holder for all the spatulas or spoons used ,decorate it if you like
  • Place a flower vase near the dining table
  • Arrange a buffet rather than a traditional dining arrangement as it will be more convenient as it involves in less strain
  • Maintain uniformity in color of light ,like go for dim colors or bright colors don't use any mix and match 
  • Don't hang  the balloons or flowers too high 
  • Even though you decorate with fake flowers use some fresh flowers for some liveliness and fragrance and some fruits for wonderful look

  • If you like open parties try to use some dull colors rather than bright to avoid reflection of light  and try this 
  • If you are arranging in a room you can try with some different mix and match bold wallpapers that reflect your lighting arrangement .Don't make the light too dim make it lively

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