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November 01, 2012

Do 'U' have a purple living room?

From elegant lavender, the colour purple has the ability to transform a living room colour scheme from lifeless to lovely. Traditionally associated with decadence and opulence, it's perfect for period properties - but looks equally stunning. Get some inspiration from these gorgeous purple living room design ideas

Add luxurious fabrics for an opulent  purple design scheme
Purple is associated with opulence and decadence, so enhance the look with luxury fabrics and textiles - such as faux velvet and fluffy cushions and chunky throws. Candles, coloured glassware and flowers also combine to create a sumptuous purple living room colour scheme. 
Create a subtle scheme with soft lilacs:
When you're mixing traditional looks with modern accessories, it's best to keep the colour scheme on the softer side to allow the two styles to merge together without clashing. Paint living room walls in a delicate shade of lilac for a grown-up feel and carry the look through to the flooring with a patterned carpet or rug.


Try out a new colour combination:
On opposite ends of a colour wheel, purple and lime are a stunning colour combination. If you're concerned that the look may be too striking, incorporate it into your scheme with patterned wallpaper or accessories instead of furniture.


Insulate with rich coloured curtains:
Add a rich hit of colour to your living room design scheme with a thick set of drapes in a deep purple shade. Not only will they provide perfect insulation in colder weather, the deep shade will naturally warm up the space. Coordinate the look with a selection of matching cushions on the sofa.

Mix purple and grey for a muted colour scheme:
If striking colours aren't your thing and you long for something a little more sophisticated, try out a combination of purple and grey in your living room. This look is all about the subtle blend of the shades so stick with softer shades of purple and choose white as an accent shade to keep the scheme from looking too gloomy.
 Focus on the flooring:
A great way to introduce the colour purple to your living room is by choosing a bold carpet. Pick a plain or patterned design and keep the walls and skirting white for the most impact.

Opt for a simple pattern:
Balance out a bold coloured sofa with a simple wallpaper in a paler shade. Choose a few purple accessories to echo the look throughout the room.


Don?t shy away from pattern:
Blinds are a great way to introduce pattern to your living room. Much like a feature wall, the concentrated area of bold pattern adds life to a scheme and will break up the monotony of a plain painted wall. 

Combine panelling with wallpaper:
Team a bold patterned wallpaper with panelling below the dado rail painted in a coordinating shade. You'll use less paper than if you papered the entire wall so you can afford to spend a little more on a design with special features like flock or metallic finishes.
Warm up with rich purple berry shades:
Add instant warmth to your living room with walls and furniture in a selection of rich shades like plum, damson and cranberry. Go for plain painted walls to add depth to the space and introduce pattern on cushions and window dressings in coordinating shades.
Keep it simple with purple accessories:
Love purple but feel it may be too much for your living room? 
     You can still introduce the colour into your scheme though a variety of textiles and accessories. Choose a rug, curtains and cushions in a combination of plain and patterned designs and fill a vase with coordinating purple flowers like irises or hydrangea to complete the look. 

Go for on-trend paisley in rich purple:
Paisley is bang on trend this season and the richness of purple lends itself perfectly to the folksy pattern. Try it out on walls - there's a wide range of wallpapers available - picking a subtle delicate purple design for your living room if you want it to blend in rather than pull focus.


Pick an opulent purple wallpaper:
Make a style statement in your living room by covering a feature wall in a bold patterned wallpaper in regal shades of purple and gold.



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