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December 13, 2012

Leather Storage Bench Ottoman with 2 Foot Rests

An Ottoman is a piece of furniture consisting of a padded,upholstered seat or bench ,usually having neither a back nor arms,often used as a stool   or foot stool,or in some cases as a coffee table.Ottomans are often sold as coordinating furniture with arm chairs or gliders.Some ottomans are hollow and used for storage.

Ottomans can be used in other rooms besides the living space,different designs can be used in the bedroom, gaming room, family room and guest room.Leather and bench ottomans are also used as alternatives for sofas.

This particular ottoman is really wonderful as you can reverse the upper lid into a tray which can serve as a coffee table as well .The big one has storage inside while the other two are  foot rests.I have bought this  in a great deal and Love them in my living space .
Black Color

Espresso Coffee Color


Usually a ottoman costs you more than 70$ and the extra foot rests will add up more for another 30$.
The foot rests are meant only for resting feet and not intended/designer to sit, but they serve the purpose so exactly with their beautiful appearance and soft cushion .All the three come in good quality Leather ,which worth the price .This would make a perfect match if you have a Leather Sofa in the available colors. 

The big  bench Ottoman fills  a small  room ,may not be suitable for larger spaces but a good addition to your living space irrespective of big/small .For people who are intending to buy a coffee table can opt this as this can serve two purposes .In Addition this big bench Ottoman also can be used as a extra seating area especially when you want to invite your friends .

Available Colors: Black, Espresso Coffee 

Available Shops: Amazon,Target both online 

Price Range : 90-110$ (I bought this  set in a discount for only 60 $ )

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