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January 09, 2013

Common Fever

 Fever is very  common in winter , this may be a viral infection or any another infection it need not hinder  your daily life , by taking simple home remedies and healthy diet you can make your immune system more strong which helps to fight all types of infections and even stops them from effecting your health.........

1)Soak some Raisins in  water, when they become smooth crush them  completely along with soaked water and strain the concoction , add some lime juice to  the concoction and take twice a day .This is an effective remedy for common fever .

2)Add a teaspoon of glucose  or honey  to fresh juice of apricots , taking this juice not only  helps as a remedy for fever but also helps to regain the liquids in your body and eliminates all the harmful or toxic materials .

3)Intake lots of Oranges or increase the intake of Vitamin C Foods in your diet which helps to reduce the infection and increase the strength of  your immune system

4)Take some water and boil , now add some ginger pieces, 1 tea spoon of turmeric , 5 -6 basil leaves and 1/2 teaspoon  pepper , some onion pieces, lemon grass, make a solution and take it thrice a day , this is prove to be a good remedy for fever .

5)Take a table spoon of honey add some ginger,lime juices and mix it well , take this  atleast once in a day which will improve your immunity system and fights the fever 

6)Prepare a solution by adding turmeric powder and tamarind leaves to cold water and consume this solution .

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