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April 09, 2013

European Style Look

European style of decorating is very pleasing and glance sealing with a rich look  as it is very artistic. Try some good decor items for decorating to create a theme  reflecting  European style .
Don't get too tedious about how to get that look one simple example would be a lantern rather than regular candles or Led candles , these simple and selective items available at any stores gives the look you need , check some of the European decor ideas and  go onto your heels to decorate your  house .

  • Check for some floral  design carpet  in bright color which ultimately reflects your theme . This is one the best addition and a must in this look (this may be an expensive addition )

  • A simple decorating flower vase can also help ........

  • A lantern hanging or some lights hanging rather than customary lamp posts or lamps also aids to be a part of theme .

  • String lanterns are also better addition to your theme .

  • Try some neutral colors for painting your house interior rather than regular colors .

  • Wall arts / hangings and photo frames or  any accessories to sit on your coffee table , which blend with the color and  theme are even one of the best addition .

  • Compactness can become  a addition to this style , so , make yourself comfortable with new designs , even with your compact spaces .

  • Finally kitchen should reflect the grand European look 

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