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February 06, 2014

How to Grow Your Own Edible Garden ???????

Is gardening your passion and want to have a good stretch of edible patch  in your garden ?????
You might be thinking that only if you have had  a large chunk of land and infinite amount of time  you can grow your own garden . You don't need them either ; edible plants can be grown in your flower beds, small pots (when taken proper care ) , drive ways , along your street
It is just a piece of cake to adopt a edible garden when you take proper care and tips.
So, get ready to be a locavore  ,improve your garden soil ,enjoy the fresh taste and  add  embellishment to your garden .......

Trade Ornamental Plants To Shrubs:
If you have a  fair  amount of front yard or back yard  give it a new look by   laying  a wide brick patio to create a courtyard, and carve two small terraces at the edge of each slope lot, to prevent water from running off  . Now, it's ready for your edible garden .

 Trade ornamental trees  to shrubs for fruit, hedges for blueberries, and jasmine for arbors twined with cherry tomatoes. You can make tulips pop up amid your  salad greens, and roses bloom among  'Black Satin' blackberries for extra glance sealing.

Combine Different Species:
 The  most striking gardens combine the pretty and the practical. In addition to being beautiful, flowers draw pollinators such as bees, as well as other "good" insects (ladybugs and lacewings) that help control the "bad" ones (aphids and caterpillars). It's a better way to boost plant health than using chemical pesticides, which wipe out those good insects along with the bad.
Example: You can grow zucchini along with marigolds this adds color as well good fragrance

Create Yummy Dividers:
 If you have a front yard garden,  you need  a separation from the street, along with ways to delineate smaller spaces. Instead of building walls or planting hedges,  you can  grow a  divider you could relish and dish out , install a low level fencing and plant flowers and edible again a mix and match like  tomatoes and  cucumbers on wooden frames strung with wire trellising.

Cover Up the Patches :
For the gaps in planted borders and between stepping stones,   choose herbs such as spreading thyme , instead of more prosaic fillers such as turfgrass or baby's tears. Not only do such herbal carpets flower, smell good, and attract bees, they're also less thirsty than most of their purely decorative cousins.

 Delicious Arbor:
Every garden needs a arbor, irrespective of the garden size , create an arbor which can be edible .This is one of the best utilization of your space available and even makes your garden more delicious & colorful.
Create a arbor with climbers like beans .


With a few exceptions, edibles need about eight hours of full sunlight.  So, arrange and plot the placements for best available sunlight for   food plants . (Some herbs, such as parsley and dill, tolerate more shade.)

Reap What You Sow:
Many plants are seasonal and some plants reap once and die out , while some reap through out their life , so, choose your plants  wise  before planting them .

Water is  very essential  to grow plants , some plants need water frequently while others don't .
Arrange sprinklers or drip irrigators    which pop out water with self timers or automatic timers .

Grow In Large Pots :

If you have no  enough bed space for all what you want to grow, sow  your  plants in  about  extra-large pots  . You can grow  peppers, cucumbers, winter squash, and bush beans.

Pots add architectural elements and make edibles easy to tend. And because they're raised in potting soil, the plants are changed often and never need weeding. You can also give seedlings a good start by growing them in a container.

Some Easy Techniques:
  • Buy organic fertilizers . Chemical varieties often lack trace elements plants need.
  • Sow the seeds according to the instructed space on the packets .
  • Add a lightly moistened layer of organic soil potting mix at least a foot deep.
  • Place a plastic bag filled with leftover packing peanuts in the bottom of large containers to use less soil.
  • Any container (at least 18 inches high and 28 inches in diameter) can work, as long as you drill a few holes in the bottom.
  • If needed, use wooden blocks or other items to raise your planter and help drainage.

  • Best Edible Plants:You can sow some seeds just about any climate and can enjoy their reap : lettuce, peppers, blueberries, strawberries, zucchini, collard greens, cucumbers, and Mediterranean herbs (oregano, sage, and thyme) 

  • If you have a balcony or a patio you can utilize the same space for optimal results by good planning.

  • You can first sketch out what and where you need to plant and the best available sunlight space and then start to create your edible garden .
  • You can arrange some out door furniture also with proper planning .
  • Prepare a lay out with hanging pots, climbing plant or a vine , a flower box ,shade plant,

  • Or you arrange the plant pots on a rack , you can grow herbs incorporating this idea

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