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July 21, 2014

How To Make Dry Seasonings At Home

Do you buy  dry seasonings ???
 Have you ever  observed  the label carefully  for list of  ingredients you will find anti caking agents or artificial flavors and may have higher levels of MSG or sodium which are not good for health.
You can make dry seasonings pretty much at home just like a piece of cake , so,  why going out for a grocery store to buy them when you can prepare  them with available  ingredients which are healthy and inexpensive at the same time  .
All you need are some  raw onions or garlic or any fresh herb which you want to make a dry form of it to give it a longer shelf life .

There are two easy processes to make them available at all times.

1)Using  food dehydrator, this will help the moisture to evaporate when you place the raw or fresh spices, this is  pretty much fast, then you can transfer them to food processor or a blender or a pestle  and stomper to blend them .

2)Sun drying : I  prefer this process as it is more natural and more healthy. It may take 1 to 7  depending upon the climatic conditions or quantities but it does worth .

Onion Powder:
If you want to make onion powder ,chop some fresh onions into medium size cubes and place them on a plate, let them sun dry for 1  to 7. They become  brittle and should dry as like they break  easily with your fingers .
Now you can blend them and store in a glass jar or plastic jar accordingly

Garlic powder / Chili Flakes/ Ginger Powder: You can follow the same procedure for all these to make a powder.You can sun dry the garlic pods or chopped ginger pieces or fresh red chilies until brittle and then blend and store .

Coming to fresh herbs you need not dry them for more than a day, as they are more delicate and moisture evaporates quickly . You can even make powder with your fingers when they dry .

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