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April 06, 2015

Desert Essence Shampoo, Coconut Flavor

Desert Oasis !!! should be the name of this product , as it proves to be standing on its words for providing moisture to frizzy hair . I live in one of the  coldest parts of the country , and experience a lot of friziness  due to low humidity ,I have tried some other shampoos which are good but this shampoo beat those with it's lusting effect leaving  a sweet fragrance on my hair .

I have bought and tried this product  after going through literally all the reviews (positive as no negative written ) , as I am not sure if my sensitive hair can use an experiment , luckily this was a big hit .

I have searched about many products online , that may help for a hair like mine , typically which looks good on the day when washed , but after a day or two starts to end up dry , and tangled .
Living in a cold part of the country where there is almost a 6 months of cold weather reaching about -20 F for atleast 2 months  , sometimes my scalp even turned scaly , leaving me in despair and  my hair cried out for help to rejuvenate it's natural lust  . I have tried many natural  hair packs(home made ),but the results always are showy for only a day.

After using this amazing product for a month , I think I can finally give a review on this product , as many suffer with this issue and spend a fortune to make their hair look good .........


  • The price !!!!!  well come on ,it's only 5.6 $ for a 8 Oz tube  ( for a organic shampoo ) , inclusive of all taxes , while others may cost you more than 10 $ for that size 
  • It's completely organic and a plant based product , without any sulphates or parabans 
  • Infused with organic coconut oil to provide intense moisture,  to smooth frizziness, and restore hair’s natural luster with volume  and reduces breakage of hair 
  • A complete vegetarian shampoo without any harmful chemicals 
  • Washing your hair regularly with this shampoo ,  your hair is  naturally   revived, strong and looks healthy with a soft and glossy look from root to the tip of every strand  
  • Lathers and rinses out easily without leaving any residues 
  • The most important pro is that a small amount of the shampoo is just enough for cleaning your hair , and this size may end up for a long time to go
  • You need  not dilute this shampoo before applying to your hair as, this has a very rich texture and spreads very easily on wet hair .
  • The smell of this shampoo is so rejuvenating , but it's not over powering 
  • It provides your scalp with moisture and nourishes it to look healthy with  regular usage  .
  • Well every product got it's cons, this product is rarely / not available in  shops or pharmacies , you may have to go through some vigorous search  in the organic aisles for this product to buy  personally .
  • Luckily you can order this online , some sites even offer free shipping 

  1. Well this shampoo is not a magical product  to work wonders and to turn your hair into soft gloss with it's once original lust in a single use , you need to use this regularly for a great looking silky hair .
  2. I may have to end up saying this might be one of the best products available in markets for dry, frizzy, or chemically damaged hair .
  3. This product helps to maintain your hair's external beauty by reviving it if is internally healthy , so, first make your hair glow from inside by taking a balanced diet rich with vitamins , proteins and minerals , hydrate your body a lot, apply and massage oil to your scalp , and finally use some natural and homemade hair packs 
  4. For it's cost and the organic base  it's the king for all the products as the salon products may cost you a fortune and main disadvantage is that they may not suit you due to all the chemicals piled up in them.
  5. The conditioner with inclusion of shampoo is said to be awesome  but I haven't tried it , but if you like to use a conditioner after washing , do buy it along with shampoo 
My Star rating:

I thought of giving a 5 star for it's amazing effect , but only due to its availability, it ends up  with 4.5/5

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