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November 13, 2012

Diwali Spl Sweet

This is an authentic indian recipe given by our ancestors.Present this sweet to your friends and relatives and wish them a "HAPPY DIWALI"
Besan-1 cup
cardamom powder
sugar-1 cup
full cream milk
saffron-10 strands
chopped dry fruits
Ghee or oil(for deep frying)

Preparation Time:
Time: 1hr

Step 1: Take a deep pan and put sugar and 4 cups of water(easy way to know the water quantity is add waster untill the sugar gets completely soaked in water).Prepare a sugar syrup untill it reaches a one thread consistency.
Step 2:Once the syrup has reached the one-thread consistency, remove from the fire immediately, add the pinch of cardamom powder.Remeber that to make laddus,the sugar syrup must be warm.
Step 3:Now take a besan in a large bowl and mix well.
Step 4:Add a milk and a 1 spoon ghee at a time till you get a free flowing consistency. Whisk to ensure all lumps are removed and the batter is very smooth.
Step 5: Now heat the ghee on a medium flame till hot. Reduce flame a little. 
Step 6:Hold the sieve about 4 inches above the hot ghee and fill a ladle with the batter. Pour the batter into the sieve. 

Step 7: Now fry the Boondi till they are a very pale golden colour. When done, drain, remove and put into a separate bowl. The fried Boondi should be cooked but not crispy. 
Step 8: Once all your Boondi is ready, coarsely crush it with a spoon. Add the finely chopped dried fruits, pour the warm syrup over all the boondi and keep aside for 10 minutes. The Boondi will soak up the sugar syrup and soften. 
Step 9:While this is happening warm the 6 tbsps of milk very slightly and then soak the saffron strands in it.
Step 10: After the Boondi has sat in the syrup for 10 minutes, pour this saffron milk (remove strands before pouring) over it. Mix well. 
Step 12: Now grease your hands lightly with some ghee and start forming the syrup-soaked Boondi into sizes which you like. Press gently but firmly to bind the Laddoos together. Arrange in a lightly greased  box. 

 It can be stored in a cool, dry place in an airtight container for about a week.

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