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November 27, 2012

Elegance Reflections..

        Mirrors are one of the best ways to reflect light in any room. These reflections bounces light into the room, making the space larger and brighter.Because of this one reason mirrors can be used any where.Detecting the focal points and hunging them in that place will attract everyone.Hunging more than one mirror will give a dramatic look.

 We get mirrors in different design.Choosing them according to our taste and  arranging gives a different look.
  • Using framed mirrors gives 'Traditional Look'. 
  • Whereas unframed or circular gives 'Contemporary Look'.
 Where to place mirrors???
  • Mirrors can be used to reflect a favorite object in the room, increasing its presence.

  • Matching the mirror frame to the vanity cabinetry gives a uniform look.

  • The vanity size will determine the size of the mirror. The mirror should never extend beyond the vanity over which it is hung. If side lights are used with the mirror, the outside edge of the lights can slightly exceed the vanity below.

  • When the vanity has two bowls, there are two ways to hang the mirror. Each sink can have its own mirror and side lights, or a single big mirror (gives a contemporary look) can be used. 


  • Place mirrored trays,candle holders and picture frames near the mirror  to create a sparkling effect.
  • You can also customize and complement your own piece of mirror.                                                 

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