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December 05, 2012

Chronic Stomach Pain

This stomach ache can be caused due to some indigestion, diarrhea or may be some chronic pain that subsides to you every time ,try these simple and easy home remedies to subside the chronic stomach  pain  not you....

1)We have learnt that taking ginger juice mixing with some other ingredients gives relief to stomach pain in my last post ,but there  is  one more  important quality in ginger juice is that when you just apply the juice extracted on your tummy you can get relief from stomach pain,try this if you don't feel like taking/drinking the juice

2)Take some water and add equal quantities of black currants and fennel seeds and let them soak for over night ,now on next day mash the contents and add a little of sugar and take this potion daily in the morning,you will definitely get relief from chronic stomach pain

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