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December 05, 2012

Flawless skin

      Concealer or Color corrector  is a first step  of makeup used to blend dark spots or uneven skin complexions  into skin complexion.It covers dark circles and other small blemishes visible on the skin.


 Selection of a concealer:
  • The type of a concealer we select depends on your taste-be it a liquid, cream, or gel product and are available as concealer sticks, concealer tubes, concealer pots and concealer creams.Best concealers will be water resistant and non-comedogenic (do not cause skin breakouts because they do not plug into the pores of the skin) ,keep in mind while selecting 
  • There are different sizes and shapes  of brushes for applying concealer effectively and quickly

Tips for Applying Different Concealers on Different Type Skins:                                         
  • Liquid type suits for dry skin.
  • Whereas cream sticks suits mostly for oily or normal skin.
  • In general, the cream and stick forms of concealer seem to give better coverage than the liquid form and are easier to apply. 
  • Look for a concealer that has mineral pigment color as opposed to one with dye based color, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Choose concealer which is lighter than your foundation color and skin tone.
  • For brown pigment caused by age spots and freckles we choose a color correcting concealer with yellow tones.
  • Green color corrector is used to neutralize redness from acne.

  • For dark under eye we use pink color corrector                                           

How to apply a concealer
  • When applying a concealer first wash your hand gently.
  • Apply a several dots of concealer with the help of your hand or a small-headed firm bristle brush.
  • With the help of your middle finger or index finger tap in the concealer and apply gently on your face.
  • Once the concealer applied on your face,you can apply foundation.
  • If you still need a extra coverage just dab a little concealer. 

More Tips....
  • For a better use,take moisturizer and concealer together and  mix well to prepare a lotion and apply.
  • Dusting the concealer with a sheer, translucent powder will set it and help blend it into your complexion.
  • Once you're done with blending concealer on to your face, dust over the concealer with a bit of loose powder to make for a smooth, long-lasting finish that will leave you looking virtually flawless.
  • If you don't have this color correcting concealer  you can add a pinch of eye shadow to the concealer to get the required color.

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