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December 20, 2012

Rava Badam Delight

This is a festive sweet,can be served hot or cold.This delight gives a distinctive flavor and aroma.

1/2 Cup rava
1 Cup Badam powder(Dry roasted and blended)
Pinch of elachi powder
2 Cups-milk
1 tsp-pumpkin seeds
1/2 Cup-sugar
1tsp vanilla essence 

Cooking Time & Calories:
Preparation time:10min
Cooking Time:15min
Calories: 380

Step1:Take a pan with ghee and fry rava till it turns light brown in color.
Step2:Now put badam powder and mix well.
Step3:Add boiled milk to the mixture. 
Step 4:Stir on low heat.
Step 5:Add sugar,vanilla essence,essence and pumpkin seeds.
Step 6:Stir continuously on low flame till aroma come.
Step 7: When the mixture leaves sides of the pan spread the mixture on a grease tray. 
Step 8:Add some ghee.Let it cool,then cut into your favorite shape.

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