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March 05, 2013

Give a Fresh Look to Your House

Decorating your house sometimes is  confusing  & frustrating to select an item  that match your taste and give a unique look to your room . The  selection of  the perfect decorating item from a vast collection and  organizing them in the available space is very hard. 
Getting  a unique look is not necessarily expensive, you can get a fresh look with some indoor plants, with a tint of creativity.


Lack of space in your house..!!! Don't worry much about the space their are different ways to grow plants.Here are some ideas to grow plants.


 Grow the plants in cup and saucer. Arrange them at different places in your house.



You can also grow plants in the  used soda  bottles.Cut the  bottle into half and grow the plants. Hang them at different heights in your house.




If you have ample of space in your living room then you can arrange the pots at the corner. Try arranging different sized and shaped pots  


 Use some unused glass jars to grow small plants 

 Have a balcony..!!! Then make it lively with colorful plants by arranging different planter boxes.



Check out the link to see how to grow plants in electric bulbs by recycling them.

    Simple caring tips:

    • Some plants need direct sunlight while others need indirect sunlight. Ask the nursery person about the plant before buying.
    • If you over-water your plants you are subjecting them to disease. 
    • If you find pests on one plant isolate it from the other plants and treat it immediately by getting a pesticide from the store.
    • Trays come in different sizes and shapes.Arranging the flower pots on these trays avoid the damage of furniture's due to water.


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