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December 05, 2013

3 Habits That make you Look Older!!!

These are not  big mistakes but your glow and fab are at stake .....
We can’t all be perfect. But there are some beauty sins you could be committing that are making you look more scary.

Sleeping With Your Makeup On: We know that having a few too many or working late can lead you to think it’s OK to skip the cleansing and head straight to your pillow.  A writer for the Daily Mail recently left her makeup on overnight for one month. The result? Her skin looked like she was about 10 years older. This creates  wrinkles, flaky skin, and deep, cavernous pores.  Just  don’t do it.

 Over-Exfoliating: Put down the Clarisonic and no one gets hurt. While it can be tempting to hit up your Clarisonic twice a day or use your favorite skin scrub on the reg, you’ve got to take a break. Over-exfoliating irritates your skin and actually makes your pores produce more oil, which leads to frequent breakouts. Try two, maybe three times a week at the most.

 Pulling Your Ponytail Too Tight:You might be thinking
the sleeker the ponytail the better. Regardless of the reason, pulling your hair too tight can lead to hair loss. While it’s not permanent, loosen up — your hair will thank you.

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