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April 15, 2014

All purpose Masla Paste / Powder

No Indian dish is complete without masala in it , either it is a paste or powder when added to the dish enhances the fragrance and taste .
Preparing this masala at home gives your dish extra freshness from spices with best taste . You can store this in fridge and use  when needed which makes your work easy and quick. This paste has a shelf life of about 15 days in your fridge . You can use this in gravies, curries or flavored rices.

All You need::

For Powder: (Adjust to Your taste and spiciness)

Poppy Seeds 
Fennel Seeds
Pepper Corns
Optional- Bay leaf
Coriander Seeds
Cumin Seeds

 You need to dry roast all the taken masala separately as  shown , let them cool down then blend it into a smooth powder . While you prepare any curries or flavored rices you can blend below given ingredients  along with masala powder prepared and add it directly .
This powder can be stored for longer periods in normal and room temperature but more the time the spiciness  declines .

 For Paste:

Garlic Pods
Green Chilies
Ginger Piece

 If you like to make it a paste you can add the above  ingredients while blending and make it into a smooth paste . This paste needed to be stored in refrigerator and can be added directly to food when needed .


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