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November 28, 2012

Ghee At Home

Adding ghee to  dishes  enhances the taste . But the ghee we get in markets have some fragrance which some don't like,try  making ghee at home and get back the same essence and fragrance  

* Get a pack of unsalted butter sticks from any market/shop  (you can get any company's butter sticks) .
* To get an idea start with only  one stick and heat in a deep skillet to extract ghee from it
It will take only 10 minutes to do this and only thing you should now here is how to extract ghee ,if you know this you will enjoy the taste (just like at your mom's place)

* This tastes the same until the end and if extracted correctly lasts long time with same taste and smell.You can no longer worry about the smell of the ghee you buy in market (if you don't know how to extract ask your mom about it) 

Ghee prepared from Butter Sticks 

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