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November 05, 2012

Problem with Aging Skin

Getting older is invincible but how you look as you age is well within your control.Your skin reflects your health ,if you have a healthy skin  which radiates that shows you even have a healthy body.
About 20% of the way you look is predetermined by Genetics and the rest is in your hands like the routine food habits you follow ,your lifestyle and the cosmetic products you use .
SO ,its about 80% that's really a vast digit !!!!!!
Feeling young and radiating skin is not so difficult but it is in you to obtain the vibrancy to show up how young you do look even after aging ,this promising look is  generally  the outcome of  natural  treatments and not with cosmetics 

Rose Hip Seed Oil:

  • Smooth and shiny  with spot  free skin is a sign of healthy skin ,apply Rosehip seed Oil to your face about 3 months and you will definitely note the results which are visible 
  • This Oil not only regenerates your skin's smoothness but also helps to flush the sagging ,fine lines,and blotchiness  on your face 

Ayurvedic Medicine :

  • Go for some ayurvedic cream or treatment rather than opting for expensive cosmetics .
  • This is a very traditional Indian treatment and proven to be very efficient than any other cosmetics
  • As ayurvedic medicines generally consists of plants extracts and herbs like turmeric ,ginger you will notice a considerable change 

Opting for a Alkaline Diet:
  • Acidic diet generally can end  in damaging your body and ultimately your skin ,so eat a load of fresh fruits and vegetables which are high in alkaline rather that acids for better results
  • This won't help to reduce present wrinkles but helps to prevent body and skin from further damaging

Try a Natural Cleanser:
  • Try cleaning your face to wipe of the dead cells present on your face with a cleanser ,as they make your face look pale and dull 
  •  Aloe vera  extract  really a very good cleanser 

Go for a Cleansing Diet:
  • Do you know that the impurities in your digestive  system even reflect the way your skin look!
  • So go for a diet that cleans your digestive system .Like avoid foods that  cause inflammatory
  • Avoid consuming loads of caffeine,sugar,gluten,and meat to your surprise in a few weeks you will  notice a raise in  your complexion 
  • In addition to the above mentioned treatments you can even stop aging by  consuming fruits like Grapes,Clementines,Oranges,Berries, Watermelon , cantaloupe which are very good sources of Vitamin C which is an anti oxidant and also high in water content 
  • Drink loads of water which purifies your body from bad fat and help you to look young 
  • Avoid taking Caffeine rather opt for herbal or green or normal tea  as tea is rich with antioxidants which helps to radiate your skin 
  • Apply a Facial with fruits  or vegetables like  Kiwi,Papaya,Strawberries,Apples,Tomatoes,Cucumber,water melon,Banana and Guava .This will cleanse away the dirt and the dead cells that make you look pale and dark.As this is a home remedy you neither spend an extra penny for this nor worry about its side effects

  •  Try any one perfect solution that smooths your skin 
  1. Take a tablespoon of milk , add a tablespoon of Gram Flour(Besan) ,a pinch of turmeric .Mix into a smooth paste and apply it to your face as a  pack and rest  until it dries then clean it with lukewarm or cold water and check it for yourself .The result will be outstanding with a very smooth skin.if you apply this paste for about twice a week you will notice the change in your face and your skin in a month .
  2.  Take some curd and Gram flour and a pinch of turmeric apply to your face similarly  as stated above and notice the change for yourself .


  • If you have trouble with pimple try this .Take  a table spoon of turmeric and add a little of water and make it into a thick paste and apply to the place where there is a pimple.This will not only cleans the place but also avoids a pimple to pop up in future at that place  
  • If you have a black spot due to a pimple apply tomato juice to that you will notice the change with in a month
  • Some people are allergic to fruits like papaya ,so test before you apply them 

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