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December 11, 2012

Back Pain

This is now  common  in all of us  irrespective of age due to the stressful lifestyle ,yet the most killing pain .Try these simple and available home remedies that can soothe your back ache and give you lot of relief.
1) Potato in poultice form can be used as a cure  for back ache ,so take a potato chop into cubes, boil and mash it .When it is warm or lukewarm enough to bear apply the paste on your back and patch it ,just like  a heat patch.Leave this for an hour.

2)Another simple tip is to take a glass of lukewarm water mixed with honey or glucose every day in the early morning with empty stomach, simple yet effective way to cure back pains 

3)Massage with turpentine oil ,this is proven to be one of the best methods to cure back aches

4)Take 2 to 3 Garlic cloves every day in the morning ,you can even massage with  garlic oil.For preparing garlic oil take normal oil (can be mustard ,sesame or coconut oils) of about 60 ml & add 10 to 15 crushed  garlic cloves and fry them after cooling strain the oil and take out the garlic  pieces.Store this and apply when needed.

5) Finally intake foods which are rich in Vitamin c .like all berries,Oranges

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