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March 06, 2013

Heal the Burns Quickly & Lessen the Burning Sensation

Burns are very common during cooking . Nothing hurts more than a burnt skin , applying some antibiotics alone  may help for less severe burns to medium severe burns , but for some severe burns  (when the are effected is  small  but severe and deep ) , sometimes to stop the sensation of the burning , cooling is very necessary , so try some good and well proven home remedies without any side effects to heal your burns quickly besides your medication . These remedies works for all kinds of burns . (I  used  some of these remedies  to cure burns ).

1) If you got some ink at your home , apply it on the burnt area , it helps to reduce the swelling and burning sensation , it even helps to cure the burn quickly.

2)Honey the best  available & solution  for burns, dab some honey on the burned area .One good bonus to heal your burn with honey is that it leaves no scar .

3) Raw  Potato or potato pate (piece) when applied on the burns decreases the burning sensation and heals quickly.

4) Aloe Vera juice when applied regularly on the burnt skin can be very effective in decreasing the burning sensation and heals the burns quickly without a trace .

5) Banana pulp , turmeric paste when applied can decrease the burning sensation .

6) Apply a thick pack of methi or Fenugreek  seeds  paste on the burnt area which helps to avoid the formation of blisters.

7) Neem leaves are excellent healers and prevents from infection  , make some  neem water and  apply it  on the burns regularly which heals the burns quickly and helps to form the skin quickly .

8)Apply ghee or butter  or carrot juice  on the burnt area which helps to decrease the burning sensation.


  • Wash the burned area under cold water the second it is burned .
  • Running cold water on  the burned area for about 20 minutes continuously can effectively help to decrease the burning sensation and may help to avoid blisters also .
  • All burns don't end up forming blisters, only severe burns end up forming blisters and scars .
  • Apply egg whites on the burned skin after washing with cold water this helps to stop formation of blisters .
  • Don't pop the blisters deliberately which may end up in infection.
  • Don't' cover the burned area with a bandage , it should be given free flow of air .
  • When you apply turmeric for healing it may  burn first , and may leave a scar .

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